WPN bans 9 poker bot accounts refunding $153,088.77 to 4,715 players

The Winning Poker Network (WPN) is one of the most active poker sites in the fight against poker bots with its team being led by online poker legend  Randy “nanonoko” Lew. WPN has recently banned another nine poker bot accounts refunding $153,088.77 total to 4,715 players. View the list of all banned poker bot accounts here.

$153,089 refunded to 4,715 players

Since online poker legend Randy “nanonoko” Lew took over the Winning Poker Network Game Integrity Team it made huge progress, when it comes to the safety of the games.

WPN bans 9 poker bot accounts refunding $153,088.77 to 4,715 players

They monitor the online poker tables more closely than ever before and managed to significantly reduce the number of poker bots on the network.

Now they have identified nine new poker bot accounts and refunded $153,089 to the affected players.

A staggering $2,000,000 in total reimbursements

Since launching the WPN Game Integrity team 97 accounts were banned and the total reimbursements approach a staggering $2,000,000 with a whopping 78,556 players have been reimbursed:

Winning Poker Network bans 9 poker bot accounts refunding $153,088.77 to 4,715 players

List of the banned Poker Bot Accounts

Below is the full list of all banned accounts:

  • Beast008 (Russia) banned March 9 = $123,206 reimbursed
  • Wook (USA) banned March 20 = $10,802.35 reimbursed
  • Durashura (Ukraine) banned August 12 = $6,700 reimbursed
  • Ezyonme (USA) banned March 17 = $5,337.84 reimbursed
  • THODINHO (Brazil) banned October 31 = $3,696 reimbursed
  • tuckercarlson (USA) banned March 9 = $1,744 reimbursed
  • MILKTHIS (USA) banned March 20 = $1,566 reimbursed
  • RanRande (China) banned March 17 = $259.18 reimbursed
  • POPPASTACK (USA) banned March 17 = 73.32 reimbursed

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